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Script Selector not working on Client


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Whenever I start up client it runs fine i can log in and everything but as soon as i go to a start script it brings me to the script selector page and then freezes. there are no errors that appear when this happens nor any in the logs and it will stay on script selector page frozen until i force quit the actual client. help plz. *also wanted to add that the only thing is frozen is the script selector page, the game is running in background but cannot click anything due to script selector page being frozen and open.*

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regularly i'm on pc, but last night i was on my macbook pro botting and it was fine and then this morning/afternoon i was trying to bot again while i was in class but it was doing the script selector freeze thing. i don't have any vip+ scripts but i do have a couple purchased scripts. it could possibly something to do with mac but hard to say, about to try on my pc in a bit.


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