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2-3 Season Long Retirement


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2 hours ago, Drewyboyo said:

wait im confused bc your pro pic

looks like you would play nunu and you dip because hes OP? or

I dipped because of him at the time being pick/ban and well with being a OTP its kinda hard to have to motivation after playing since S1 to keep going. Plus not to mention over the years IMO the average games skill level in ranked has just been dropping due to riot implementing so many handicaps for the people who didn't take ranked serious and can climb now just because they spammed a shit ton of games.

Also I will add i changed my internet a few months ago which has brought me back to the good old days of 100 ping which im sure as hell not putting myself through that delay again after not playing on that kinda ping for 2 seasons lol

All and all its probably because im just burnt out from playing league since I achieved most of my goals other then hitting challenger but meh fuck it lol

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