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Socks5 proxy issue


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1. Every version of the bot going back 1+ year now

2. Osbot will not connect to a proxy that is working 100% fine. It works to load other clients, works on proxifier, the proxy is fine, but client will not connect.

3. Are you receiving any errors in the client canvas or the logger?  Says proxy cannot connect. It is a 100% working socks5 proxy.

4. How can you replicate the issue? Try to connect with certain socks5 proxies on OSbot 

5. Has this issue persisted through multiple versions? If so, how far back? Yes, this has been an on-going issue, 1 year +

More info: I am a moderator on another botting platform and I sell  socks5 proxies via my webstore for all botting clients for 2+ years now. Osbot does not allow some proxies to connect, and users will submit a ticket saying the proxy is down. However, when tested, the server is up, and the proxy can connect with literally everything else without issue. Which points to a client/proxy system issue on OSbot. If a Mod would like to PM me I can give you access to a specific proxy effected by this so you could test and see. Thanks.

The proxy is socks5. The proxy loads other bots that only use socks5 fine, it loads proxifer fine, loads in Maxthon browser as socks5 fine, our server is 100% up, it is a Osbot client issue with your proxy system. Will be glad to supply a socks5 proxy with this issue for testing. Re-posting as the last post gave an erroneous answer.

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