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safe botting?


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3 minutes ago, killersprague said:

i want to start 3-4 accounts, whether its mining fishing or wcing. using the free scripts.

With starting fresh accounts, they are usually watched the most when it comes to botting, I would suggest playing them legit for amount of time before botting, it helps in the long run. that's why you see so many new accounts get banned so quickly plus the suicide botting of course lol  for gold farmers use but like I said play a little legit first will help a little and then bot to what you please but theres always the chance of getting banned lol

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2 minutes ago, Visty said:

Afaik spamming posts/grave digging is against the rules. Seeing that you have gotten over 25 posts within an hour, I'd say it's post spamming afaik.

i've posted a few then rest were comments. I didnt post 25 topics. People answered questions, i responded. I don't see how thats considered spamming?

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