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Selling SICK 13 Prayer Fire Caped PKer


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Today I'm selling this awesome account with 13 prayer and firecape, firecape is done by me.

Account has no blackmarks. Account has no defence xp. Attack / Prayer is 95% quested.

Here's some good shots of the account,

Stats / Fire capehttps://gyazo.com/bbba5dfff51acc64bc0f09d3c844aacc

Emblems / Wealth / Fire capehttps://gyazo.com/86c2aa63e9b662658d890787b791c773

Quest Pointshttps://gyazo.com/0052558cee1a762c1fee12dfdfd75d50

Blackmarks / Offenceshttps://gyazo.com/38e618cc122a7dba34de04195f7ff499

Login screen - https://gyazo.com/dabb7f3aea9d29ac4ced8ac4670ef4a7

I am the original owner and creator of this account, every bit of info is known by me.

Bids are starting at -> 80M 07

Autowin for the account is -> 125M 07

Payment methods - Only 07 GP





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