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Trying to perfect walking


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For the past few days I've been trying to perfect walking. I'm making a script that walks the same path back and forth with ramps. No matter what I've tried it always misclicks and goes the slower route which makes it obvious that it's a bot. 

I've even tried making a path with every square on my desired path contained in my path array, but it still just attempts to click on the last tile of the path (which is visible on the minimap) but it obviously barely gets the click right and ends up walking around. I'm wondering if there is a way to make this smoother.



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Have u tried making a walking event and set the threshold?

 Position groundItemPosition = new Position(cords);
                        WalkingEvent walkingEvent = new WalkingEvent(groundItemPosition);

this walks to that exakt tile, 
else you could do what i did with my questingScript, when webwalkign wanted to take shortcut to the farmer and ended up in the Sheep pen, i made 3 separate areas, and made it go to first, second and then third. (Not sure if this is good practice though) 

u could probably also (not 100% sure) use webwalkingevent and use a pathPreferenceProfile, to make sure it takes your desired path :)

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