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Yeah well I don't think it's necessary to post all the details, seeing it's obviously a scam quit, and he's scammed one of his workers from the other dispute.

Paid 41.5M for a service;

Order Required:
30-50 firemaking
41-53 Thieving
30-50 Agility
20-62 Construction
Monkey Madness
Temple of Ikov
Desert Treasure

Payment via OSRS GP: Yes
Going First or Middleman(With Name): Going first
Skype: added
Do you agree to the ToS: Yes

Can be found on thread. Paid 41.5M, [Hidden] . Also had around 40M in items, a toxic blowpipe, 15k scales, 10M cash (these are 100% confirmed) total 40M is off Osbuddy price displayer. 

Account has been cleared, along with the other dispute, it's obvious he's gone. 

I don't expect IamBot to be refunding anytime soon.

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