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Dispute against Bella1337


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Hello mods, I would like to file a complaint about @Bella1337 I have screenshots of all conversations between skype and on here. Linked with the thread it was selling on, and the thread also someone else linked on disputing against Bella. I can show the trade deal where middleman was @Howest too if needed. All I want is a refund of atleast the accounts price which was sold for 105m. The other stuff I put onto the account I will allow off because I know I won't get that back considering it was well over 200m, etc full bandos, planks for 90 construction etc. 
Links for mods only.


If you need my skype please feel free to add me on there - stevennieman1995 or message me back on here or private message, whichever. I want this solved. 

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