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Selling script paints


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Welcome to my script paint shop!


as of today I will be active on the OSBot forums again. Most of you probably don't remember me, but I used to have a graphics shop on here back in the day.

I'm back to sell script paints for those of you in need. I'll show you some of the stuff I've made:








- Terms of Service (T.O.S) -

I have the right to decline your order at any given time

I will first watermark the graphic if I do not trust you enough. 

If you are not happy with your order and think something should be edited/changed/removed then send me a private message on the forums and we'll discuss it.

Feedback will be given once both parties are happy with the result.



Prices will be discussed through skype/forum pm.


Order Form

The name of your script:

Some information on your script (so I know what style):

Text that needs to be on the script paint:

Any specific images you want on the script paint:

Will you add me on skype or talk via forum pm?:

Will you leave me feedback after?:

Do you agree to my T.O.S?:

What will you be paying in? (RSGP/PAYPAL):




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