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Pricecheck QuestPoint Cape Main


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Account has all quests done and 1700+ total reaching 1800 almost, with all skills above 60+. Also I'm planning on maxing out the combat stats so would appreciate 2 priceschecks, one as it is now and one for when I've gotten the leftover combat 99s except for prayer.



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3 minutes ago, LIVING said:

200-250m based off the stats + slayer level.


No feed back / no reputation = automatic recovery so this account from you 5m.

Might sell it once it's maxed by that time I might have gained some feedback. Although I dont play RS anymore I'm just botting this account for the heck of it and sell off the last accounts I have before I quit the game for good. Who knows I'll start a new botting project after I'm done with the accounts I currently hold :)

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8 hours ago, Bulldog said:

Id give you like 200m if recovery test was successful

Recovery tests are fully secured by me since I am the only owner of this account with the earliest details mate. Althought the account does have a 2 day ban received recently.


12 hours ago, LIVING said:

Shouldn't bot that account, has a lot of value and good stats in it

Tbh this isn't my main and I really couldn't care less if it got perm banned mate :4

Just like questing alot that's why I've gotten quest cape on it while botting all the other stats.

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