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screen freeze vps?

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sometimes i get on me windows vps a screen freeze on the client (not only the osbot client also other bot clients).

so i cant see if the bot is still working.


vps specs:

windows server 2012 R2

4 cores

4gb ram

unlimited band

currently running 1 bot (which froze).



why 1 bot? im not using it alot atm

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8 minutes ago, Langer said:

Does your bot happen to world hop?


1 minute ago, JPG said:

You could open a ticket with the people who are hosting your VPS and ask for some assitance


no i dont use worldhop or anything just basic scripts and its not with only the osbot client also other clients.

the whole screen doenst freeze only the client screen (rs freezes)

i can even get into options from osbot.

to make it short: only the runescape camera freezes

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