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Fixes for lag / low resources?

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Hey, I've noticed that when running 5+ accounts, certain things don't work as intended. Methods that usually return the correct value, in that case don't.

For example, when trading:

trade.getOurOffers()contains() => Returns false, despite it's true.
trade.isFirstInterfaceOpen(); => Returns false, despite true.
trade.isSecondInterfaceOpen(); => Returns false, despite true.
trade.acceptTrade(); => Returns false, despite true.


What could be causing this?
I use conditional sleeps, but in some situations, my script realies on these to return the correct value causing unexpected behavior.

Could it be lag, heavy on resources?

Thanks! :)



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I've haven't been experiencing any issues with those methods in particular. What I've been having trouble with is interaction events performing repeated attempts even when the first attempt was a success. When interacting with a Banker to open the bank for example, it right-clicks the Banker, selects the "Bank" option, the bank opens immediately and the bot closes the bank interface only to attempt the interaction once again (even though the bot successfully interacted with the Banker). Maybe you could open a thread in the bugs section?

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