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How much would you pay for an infernal cape?

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Jad kills alone are 2m 07 ea, given that you have to fight 5 jad's throughout the cave that are literally jad but stronger,

then a final boss that's way more challenging than jad. Alongside the cave being longer than fight caves, with more challenging mobs

I'd say 40m for a maxed acc - 99 def range pray hp

upwards of 40m for other account types

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4 minutes ago, dragonite3000 said:

well its looking harder than a 13 pray f cape right about now and they want 70m-150m for those so I couldn't picture it being below 50m.

Yeah that's the logic I was using, if 13 pray f capes go for as much as they do and this is even harder, they'd have to go for 200m-300m at least.

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