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Lucki has lied and scammed me

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Of fucking course.

User accused: https://osbot.org/forum/profile/139790-lucki/

TLDR; Contacted this user, had him PM eabout his zerker listed below. I purchased and sent him $175 BTC (which he confirms). He sends info but he tells me that the quests aren't done (Which he advertised on the thread as having bgloves). I questioned him and he apologized but I wanted a refund because of the sketchiness. He started pulling all sorts of excuses. He didn't have BTC, etc. I lost fees from this trade, I sent good fees and even told him and all he had to say was "Hey man account will be done in 2 hours" but instead he completely lies and bullshits me.

Account thread: 



Proof it's him: http://tinypic.com/r/317bec6/9



Skype Convo's:











Pretty sure this user is trying to scamquit or he is going to try and say it wasn't him etc.

I can provide screenshots of me logged into the account hes advertising, as well as allow any staff full access to purse incase he forges a picture.







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its his main account he contacted me through sythe.org nothing I can say. exactly as it says was mid refunding the btc was tired of his spamming. and decided f it. I am completely in the wrong for not informing him the account would be ready in 2hrs and not immediately after payment was sent. With that being send I will not be entertaining refunding the btc anymore, the account as I told him is his. If this is my farewell. Sorry guys. I know this makes us all look bad. Good luck in your future lives, sincerely inspired by alot of you still young and have the knowledge hustle and commitment to do some of the thing you guys do. Do not sell yourselves short I am sure a lot of you will be great. 


Sorry Again if this is it.

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