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Getting 99

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How does one find the patience to grind to a 99? I've always wanted to get 99 RC, one of the grindiest 99s, but I get bored after couple of hours. This goes for most of the skills. I've never had a skillcape in my RS playtime, closest I've come to was a quest cape :doge:. Ofcourse there is botting, but botting such 99 RC would seem fairly impossible.

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Just now, Kid Lethal said:

Cooking, Firemaking, Woodcutting, even Fishing are the ideal fastest capes or afkable capes to obtain as well as others.

Just lots of hard work and time to do the mission of achieving 99. Watch a movie to solve the boredom issue, etc.

Fishing ~ "fastest capes"

Don't think you can put those in the same category

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