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Dispute on lolapuss

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I bought 3 hours ago a main from him everything was going good  @Sysm Was middleman for this trade 
@Lolapuss was the account owner now the account . Got recovered. He say the account was worth 250m And not 150m He says that i need to give him 40m+ Because ''i low balled him" he said.

I think he needed to do his research first before Selling a ''Main" . i was playing with the account i was doing duo bandos with my brother. Then i dced And i wanted to login and i my account was locked because jagex supected it has been stolen. Also check the osbot private messages log.  If u need further proof hit me up. 




[evidence hidden]




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6 hours ago, Mio said:

I've placed the user in TWC and asked him to respond here. 



And please in the future, do NOT buy accounts from users without 100 post count. We do not allow the sale of accounts from users without it on the forums.

Sysm didnt say anything about that. So which i trusted him.

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