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how fucked am i?

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literally just started a bot farm, took all precautions, proxies, paid for gold so i didn't need to trade my maxxed main, mirror mode with proxifier, added a rule so i could legit play my main while bots run, and then OSbot auto logged into my unproxied OSbuddy.


now i assume there is a direct link to my home IP and my bots IP. i planned on suicide botting my bots, i assume i am now compromised? and the link has already been established in the logs on jagex's side?


anyone got some insight from personal experience of botting ?

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2 minutes ago, Prismo said:

yeah bro chill , presuming you ran your bots on proxys, and your main account logged on "unprotected" they will have no way of connecting the two ips, as your bots will be all different  ip locations . 

just run your main on normal ip if not botting , 

bots logged in via home IP:cate:

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4 minutes ago, Prismo said:

so you weren't using proxies  on your bots? 

Have an exception in Proxifier for OSBuddy to not be proxied. (so i can play on my main account).


all my bots run through official RS client (mirror mode) stealthed by proxifier.


was setting up bots, and 1 of them autologged into my OSbuddy (not proxied)


i have a 2277 total maxed main with about 2b bank, just wondering if i should dump everything on the account as my bot(s) logged into home IP


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54 minutes ago, Slawa said:

Your main was on a botting ip?

You dont have too much to worry about if thats the case. just dont bot on that proxie anymore if you want to be "safe". I used a VM(without proxifier) if I wanted to play on my main while my other bots ran on my pc.

what VM do you use, I'm thinking about doing this so I can play my legit acc while I suicide bots in a VM

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