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How do I walk one tile over?

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What I want to do is get the current position of the player, and then walk one 'x' tile over:


int x = myPlayer().getPosition().getX() + 1;

int y = myPlayer().getPosition().getY();

int z = myPlayer().getPosition().getZ();

WalkingEvent newPosition = new WalkingEvent(new Position(x, y, z);



AND, it doesn't work... It's as if it skips over this line of code

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13 minutes ago, Chris said:

getwalking.walk(myPosition().translate(0, 2,));


public Position translate(int x,
                          int y)
Creates a cloned instance of this position with the given translation.
x - The x value to translate.
y - The y value to translate.
The new position object.


I just tried it and the bot still does nothing...

[So I'm trying to get the bot to move a tile over if it can't light a fire on a plant or another fire. I've already incorporated a message listener for "You can't light...". The message listener works fine and the method gets executed but it doesn't walk to the next 'x' tile.]

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2 hours ago, Polymorphism said:



new Position(1 tile over).interact("Walk here")


 MiniMapTileDestination(Bot bot, Position position, boolean exactPosition) 

That did the trick!

Tysm dude :)

3 hours ago, Chris said:

try creating a walk event and setting the minthreshold to 0

I'll try this for fun when I get time. TY

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