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Price Check a G Maul Pure

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Currently developing a pure to have some fun to pk on while I NMZ some accounts. Just curious to see what it would be worth?

I was thinking of getting the following stats:

Guessing hitpoints will be in the region for 80-85

50 attack (Fully quested)

80 Strength

1 Defence

90 Range

1 Prayer

85 magic

Would probably get all skills to 50 to make account look nicer.

Fully quested account so maximum quest points for 1 def 1 pray account (currently at 102)

Items: Mithril Gloves, Halo, Decrotive armour and whatever quested items and pure items it can have.

(if payining somoene 100m to get firecape on the account would increase the value i would debate doing this)


Any other suggestions on possible increases in value of the account would be taken into consideration when developing it.


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