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hello from the other side

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Alright how to begin... Hmmmm... Okay well the title is what it is for a reason. Reason: I am brand spanking new to the bot side of things. I used to feel some type of way about botting and botters as if its cheating etc etc but now that I've matured some more, people have to work and many other things in real life. I see it as an asset now to have a reliable bot client/scripts. I guess I am a bit hesitant because like I mentioned I am brand new to all of this and I've tried asking some friends I had online (not thru runescape chat or anything -- was irl non game related chat) about botting because I just wanted to learn how to do it but without getting myself banned or without getting ip banned by jagex for even attempting. I see a lot of people botting in game so I guess it is not too horrible but I just first of all want to learn how to bot, then how to bot safely, then how to bot efficiently. In real life I am going to take a c++ course as I am due to get out of the military in a year but that will be towards the end of this year timeline. I am going to learn how to code and develop thru own in real life means but as I was told its better to surround myself with like minded people and I feel there is no better place for me to start than here with people who I am sure love this game as much as I do.


Any help. advice, guidance, knowledge is greatly appreciated. I just want to feel at ease about being here and doing this all. Thank you.

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5 minutes ago, Zappster said:

Cool, welcome.

If you're interested in the coding side, we use Java to develop the scripts. Take a read over at the tutorial section on how to get setup.


Thank you for the fast and very resourceful reply. I will be checking it out as soon as I submit this reply back to you.


@turkoize I cannot figure out how to add your quote to this edit but still thank you as well.

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