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Defence pure w/ Firecape [PRICE CHECK]

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10 hours ago, depern said:

Bro sick account if you did that all yourself I'd price it over 300m.

Thank you, I did it all apart from the Firecape.

10 hours ago, smarty said:

Really nice look id say 125m with those stats Not over 300m lol 

Thank you.

10 hours ago, zuzel111 said:

Definitely not 300m. Fire Cape is cost of 50-100M, pray took 5-6hrs to get, just defence is actually the only effort

I'd say ~150-170M

Thank you.

9 hours ago, depern said:

75def pures alone go for 150+ also fire cape is hard to get on a def pure, takes around 6 hrs of constant jad, as well has 75 prayer.


9 hours ago, dragonite3000 said:

not hard at all if you can sit in front of your computer for 6-8 hours. however, id say no more than 170M and no more than 200M.

Thank you.

4 hours ago, Morde said:

Nice account! Have you tried PKing with this, does people fight you in bh worlds? And good luck selling if you are going to, I can't say any price check because have no clue what these kind of accounts goes for.

Thank you - and I haven't PK'd on it yet, I literally just made it for fun, probably going to get black slayer helmet and max QP on it then sell it.

Thank you for all your inputs.

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