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Lulu/Sphairai dispute

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Bought an account off him, played on it for a while basically made it pk ready. The account got recovered, he said he was OO in the post so who couldve recovered it?

So i told him this on skype and he assumed I tried to sell it I guess, but then he did a recovery request and he recovered the account but it was then banned for being real world traded.

http://i.imgur.com/JsaJ3Xn.png <-- This is the ban, I guess this shows that he has done this before

After this he offered me compensation of this account (http://i.imgur.com/IuDCWyL.png) but I would have to give him 50m for it as it was worth a lot more than the other one. As my only account was the one that had just been banned I thought I could save some time and give 50m strait to him from the gold site instead of having to go through tutorial island and shit. So I did this and he said he never received the gold, he said they declined the trade and logged off. I went on the live chat and they said he already received the gold, I never used this site before so I thought maybe i'll just try a different site with my friends account. So I did and I gave him the gold and then he said thanks and basically has fucked off and been offline on skype since.

So basically he owes me 80m for the original account i bought + 100m hes scammed me for.


http://i.imgur.com/pIuX80B.png this is his skype

I have a pastebin of the entire skype chat if a mod wants to see it.

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Please provide the pastebin, but let me get this timeline straight

  1. You purchased this account
  2. It got recovered so you messaged him
  3. He recovered it himself and saw it was banned for being traded. 
  4. He offered to give you another account but you would have to pay an additional 50M and you accepted?
  5. You bought the gold from a gold site and instead of collecting it you had him collect it? 
  6. He said he never received the gold - the gold site said it's been delivered.
  7. So you did it again but with a different gold site, gave him the gold AGAIN and he logged off!??

@Lulu is in TWC already, but seems like he is scamquitting so I've banned him. I'm sorry he scammed you. He will have to refund the 100M + the value of the account if he ever wishes to return. 



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