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[OSRS] Botting from a lvl 3 to a maxed 1 defence pure.

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Yup. all from 3 till absolutely maxed with the quests/skills and such, most likely wont make it but worth a shot 

Goal : Maxed 1 defence pure

Method : Premium/private/free scripts.


Update 1 ( 3 days of botting )

Started with botting some combat, then went ahead with agility and a few other skills and after 3 days i have these stats.


Update 2 (Editing later)

Ok so i did some more combat training and a few skills and the stats are this atm.


Will try to get 60 attack/str before friday and then 40 fletching and alot of questing.

Will most likely try to update every day if people are actually interested, botting on it around 8-10 hours a day. :boge:


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3 minutes ago, Void said:

sure if you did 

"botting to getting the fuck off this site"

it'd get much more support

too bad i dont care about others opinion/support that much. but thanks for your useless reply to my topic. you can also fuck off lol uve checked my profile 9 times today alone obsessed freak

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26 minutes ago, Swapp said:

Gl man


16 minutes ago, acke1995 said:

gl mate :D

Thx :D

5 minutes ago, Koont said:

Nice idea, using private scripts or just free ones?

Keep us updated :)

Both but mostly premium/free ones 

5 minutes ago, 365 said:

gl brah ive been trying to make a rangepure 3 times now, all of them got banned at 55-70 range :/

thx and thats unfortunate :l 

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