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Trading/selling LoL account EUW

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Trading/selling my LoL account for a Diablo 3 code or 30 euro paypal/bank transfer (ABN AMRO). S6 Gold. No bans/mutes etc. Perfect account to restart your game. Selling because inactivity.




Shockblade Zed
Radiant Wukong
Arclight Vel'koz
Demonblade Tryndamere (Legendary)
Cottontail Teemo
Forsaken Olaf
S6 Gold Maokai (Season 6 gold reward maokai
Overlord Malzahar
Dragonfist Lee Sin
Muay Thai Lee Sin
Cosmic Reaver Kassadin
Pre-Void Kassadin
Woad King Darius
Jade Fang Cassiopeia
Gravelord Azir

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