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ip flagged?


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Hi I'm brand new to botting on osbot and I've gotten a few accounts banned on this ip. The last account I started botting on was banned within less than 10 hours of botting over one week. So I'm wondering can I use a VPN to hide my IP and possibly begin botting on alts again? I started using Proxyfish but I'm completely illiterate and I assume any account I create now will reveal my IP address when I create it. Any help to be found?

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If you manadged to bot the account over the time of a week its probably not ip flagged - just maybe a bit more unlucky than last time. However i would recommend proxies , and you have to create the account under the ip aswell (or buy tuturial accounts)YOu will need something  like maxthon which gives you the ability to browse under proxy - look up how to set proxy up. Goodluck

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Haha I was thinking the same quite a while ago.. Thought I'd never be able to make some money by goldfarming again.

Right now I've got 4 Accounts going strong and only one got a 2 day ban few days ago, started botting on that one as soon as it got unbanned again.

I think it's all up to what you're botting, when you're botting and where you're botting :)


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