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SafespotBot - Slightly adjusted version of Alek's Macro Killer

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Since I was in need of a bot that could safespot and there currently is no free safespotbot on the market I wanted to try to make one myself. Ended up adding five lines of code to Alek's already genious Macro Killer in order to make the bot always return to the spot where the bot is started. Works perfectly at varrock guards, varrock sewers and any other safespot you can think of.


Features from Alek's Macro Killer:

-Ranged Support, picks up arrows and equips if you are using them

-Eats anything for food including wine

-Fights anything


Added features:

- Puts camera always to top to prevent deadwalking

- walks back to tile where bot is started

- Doesn't attempt to attack level 1337 DMM guards




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