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weird pvm/hybridding pure pker advice

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so anyways ive been working on this pker you may have seen it posted(not really interested in selling but everything has a price so im testing the waters)

im doing 20 def initiate for access to the mystics slayer helm(i) at 13 def and addy gloves. chose to go with a little more bonuses on this account because the only place i plan on pking with it is deeper wildly 30+ and wanted to brid.

wanted it to be around the early 90s but wanted it to be a ags prod with 75 attack. wanted to avoid the 99s to avoid piety pures so a zerker was out. so far im loving the 20 def route and gear per lvl. currently making most zerkers look shameful and the occasional max pure in a brid or straight melee fight.(most not all, not all players can make a clean account)

the account is for pvm/deep wildly pking so my current dilemma is if getting 70 prayer would be a smart decision figured its a plus for pvm and then while in deep wilderness its a def pro and its only sacrificing 2 cmb lvls and it still leaves me at 94 maxed which leaves me safe under the 95 marker

main purpose of the account is to basically be going up against anyone and everyone with hardly any defence but still be effective in a brid match.




i really like the whole account for the flow im having with it. its def fun and it hits hard its exactly what im going for every fight has its explosive hits. starting str training on it now.

thanks for the opinions in advance


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just a personal pref still leaves me low and lets me get to occasionally pick on the low lvl aswell :) weve all been killed by a high lvl before haha.

to many zerkers in the game i like it being unique.


think basically what i chose over 25 defence lvls is 75 attack and ultimately im thinking 70  prayer level. zerkers can rip anything lets be honest. ive made dozens of them. i just wanted something thats a little bit more challenging but still a hell of a lotta fun

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