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False feedback - Magpiemad7

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Disputed member: @magpiemad7

Thread Link: https://osbot.org/forum/profile/234119-magpiemad7/?tab=node_feedback_Feedback

Explanation: Accounts which left feedback for user "Magpiemad7" all never logged back in after a short while of being on osbot, seems v suspicious 

Evidence: One of the users who left a feedback: 


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One account @ezclear was registered under the same IP and that account also has suspicious links. 100% a false feedback. Because magpiemad is so obsessed with abusing the market I'm putting him in TWC until he can prove each and every trade he's done. I want the Skype logs and all screenshots associated with every trade done so far except for the one with Bogla. magpie has 24 hours to respond.


@Dgzamma and @vi general are also very suspicious so I've asked them both to reply here and provide proof.



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