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Dispute against Davoftw


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I hired @davoftw to do 57-72 slayer on my account, I logged in this morning to find all the void and defenders broken, all my cash and items removed, and the money from payment gone. I figured someone who's been on the site for 3 years wouldn't be scamming anyone, there is no open topic just pms and Skype messages between us. I don't care much about the 12m he stole because its really not that much I Just care that this asshole will scam more people if he's allowed on this site any longer.

 https://gyazo.com/e2b6f4e1af2d22e1846a889a2fd481f4 <- that's the picture of the broken gear, I have messages of the conversation on my phone. 

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1 hour ago, magrocks78 said:

There was no trade I just put the coins on the account and gave him the info he seemed like a trustworthy guy especially with only 12m.

We'd like screenshots of your conversation and trade confirmation regardless. In this case, it would be you providing him the account details.

Also, please provide us with a screenshot of his skype profile, alongside the message on which is provided said skype. (so we can confirm it's him)

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