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Abstract Designs

Mister Slyther

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Hi guys, had a university task of producing abstract work using lines and shapes based on the words:


- Echo: The circles represent sound fading out, and the black color is for visual purposes.
- Tranquility: I used blue and green to represent peace/nostalgia if that makes sense. The reason why I connected different shapes in a smooth/curve way is to show that even though there are differences, there is a stable connection and no problems.

The different shapes = different people. The curve/smooth connection shows understanding between these different shapes/people.


The work has been produced with limitations, basically there are things that I am allowed to do and things I am not allowed to do.


E.g, not use more than 6 shapes in a piece, and only 2 lines. Just an example.


Hope you guys like them.


More work uploaded, hierarchy (2 geometrical shapes and 3 lines can only be used)

and Symmetry, you all know what that is smile.png






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The alignment one is really good as well. It's supposed to be a little bit off, right?


If so, really nice concept.


Yeah, in that one I made sure things were kinda dis-organized but in a nice way. We were given the name of other artists and so I took inspiration from their work.


Wow very nice work man I love the designs


Thank you smile.png

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