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Max 1 Def


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any previous bans? other levels? quests/


with 1 prayer this accoutn would take 2/3 longer to create due to no nmz... and depending on quests even longer



I could make this for you within 3/4 weeks, with a down payment to a mod to secure it

I havent started an account yet. 


therfore no bans, no lvls no quests


how much?

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If it was 43 prayer I could get it done in 5 weeks.




But with 1 Prayer



judging on my passed dealings with you itd be like 100 weeks

The order would be quicker with mm, lost city done and 43prayer... like soo much quicker, sand crabs is like 30/35k xp an hour nmz would be 50k+ xp an hour at 80/80+, also by doing some of the other quests (some rfd) to get the rock cake, it would also allow me to use the rock cake rather than ppots in nmz lowering the supply cost


if you wish to discuss add my skype; amerge.rs


also pm me so i know youve added me


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Fly is not reliable and hires scammers from other sites to do services. Will be making a post on it soon.


I know he is not reliable. He took two days to do two hours work. I gave him neutral feedback and he had a big whine about it and tried to give me bad feedback twice. Then he tried to scam me into changing feedback. Thanks for confirming tho. I hear ya! 

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