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Account was banned after 1 day of purchase.


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User who sold me account.




I bought his account about 2 days ago. but i logged in yesterday to find the account has been banned...


Note that i had never botted in this account so soon after a recent purchase. i let it atleast a few days for this reason.


i contacted him yesterday about it saying he has never botted the account. I bought it for 10m. stats were 40/70/40 nmz quested.


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Sorry that i'm getting involved but

Correct me if i'm wrong but tampera666 doesn't have 100 postcount so he shouldnt have been able to sell you his account in the first place?


That's also correct, I would like to hear an explanation of @tampera666.


@Savages Where and how did you buy the account, I assume it was over skype?

Can you provide me some chat logs or evidence of the purchase?

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