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PayPal locked account - Help!


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 Hey guys, today i tried to login to my paypal and my paypal cant be logged in until i get SMS code to enter so that protect my account.. i tried like 5 times to get the code but i didnt get it ( must be problem in my phone carrier or something) then i found out PayPal locked my account for secuirty reasons.. now i tried to find help on their website but to contact them i must login to my account, but when i try to login it's LOCKED!, like.. i have no where to contact them? tried to call them but they dont work now i must wait for morning and i really need to get into my account...  What you think? is there anything i can do today? or just go to chatbox and listen to Muffins jokes tilll morning and then contact them when they are available ? emote3.gif



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Either you failed to pay a negative balance, security issues, or they want you to submit more documentation.


Either way if your logged out and your account isn't accessible whatsoever, there's nothing you can do till the morning.

You could alternatively try Paypal Support on Twitter, but i doubt that's gonna be much help.

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