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False Feedback for a refund?


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Disputed Member:[member=bigdicky]
Why it should be removed: I refunded the customer because, I had an unexpected problem arise and had to drop my sister off. Customer knows that I work full time and that I only get to play in the afternoons, he also knows that I was only able to level his account yesterday after noon for 30-45 minutes because of the storm that was happening in my area. I wasn't risking a $4000 computer for $3/3m.. Absolutey pathetic. I get home this afternoon, after 9 hours at work, and after returning 20 plus messages to people that have messaged me, I jumped on his account to hopefully finish his order. I just surprised that I need to drop my sister off, which is 45 minutes away at a friends house. So 1.30hr in driving.. I hurried back to hopefully finish his order, and when he asked eta when it was going to be finished, I said I hope to have it done now.. He precedes to ask for a refund, I am more then happy to give him a refund. I felt as if the transaction was all good. Apologized for the inconvenience that I may have caused him, and we both went our separate ways.


The order was for;


36-50 Firemaking

38-55 Woodcutting

10-30 Cooking (Which I did for free, to help him out)


The total order came to 3m.


Apparently a reasonable time frame for more 250k xp is less then 2 hours on an account.. Okay?? 



Link to topic: This was not posted on any thread, he came to me through Skype.

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I've requested the user to post his side of the story.


Can you please provide pictures of the skype chat between you and him? 


Also, did you give him an ETA when he ordered from you?














I originally told him a couple of hours, not meaning 2, a couple so 3-5 hours.. I told him every time why I wasn't on except for when I had to drop my sister off, because it got dropped on out of the blue.

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Original request for services.


Skype convo keypoints (can provide transcript if required.)


Wednesday Night (9pm)

Original contact agreed on services to be done and price.

Asked for ETA Was told wouldn't be started until following afternoon.

Then asked if I could pay for it when it was to be started. Was advised "ill try and keep your spot open, but can't promise anything since money talks"

Paid 3m upfront. Asked if it would be done by tomorrow response was "easy"


Thursday (5pm)

Next day exchanged acc details 

He advised of local storms in area that would effect delivery time. 


Thursday (7pm)

Asked how he was going was advised hadn't started as had been on the phone all afternoon

Asked ETA was told "I want to get it done"

To which I responded "are you always this vague?"

He resonded "More worried about more important things then runescape mate."

"But a couple of hours after I start"

To which I asked when will you start?

He responded When the storm finishes.... ect


Thursday (8pm)

advised that he had started


Thursday (10pm)

asked for update 

advised "got some cooking levels and some wc, level before update, I'm heading off to bed"


Friday (6.30pm)

asked for update

advised he was working on it atm

asked if it would be finished this evening

advised "hopefully"


Friday (10pm)

asked for update

advised "sorry only just got back from dropping my syster off"

asked for eta

advised "I want it done"

asked for eta

"idk maybe late tonight"

asked for current status

advised 49 Wc (which was a lie)

Told him i wanted to cancel order and was happy to pay 1m for progress. He agreed and payed back 2m.

He then said sorry for the delays.

I said all g.


I gave neutral feedback as the service I received I felt was deserving.


I understand shit happens. But we are talking about what he said was a couple of house of work "But a couple of hours after I start" has taken more than 48 hours to not even come close to finishing. He said he would "easy" have it finished on thursday afternoon. He said I should pay up front to avoid delay, which I did. 


BUT, the thing that earned him the Neutral feedback wasnt the delays, but the pitiful communication. Every time I asked for an ETA I got a round about answer. 

I have trusted this guy with my account with a 30m bank. He quickly became untrustworthy in my books. I feel as if my feedback is honest and fair. I haven't left negative feedback and acknowledge his service could have been worse. He didn't steal my bank

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