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Been like 3-4 days since I ordered Graphics from "Influx"


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Disputed member: http://osbot.org/forum/user/243937-influx/

Thread Link: http://osbot.org/forum/topic/110652-influx-graphics-gallery/

Explanation: Ordered graphics from user on Monday. He promised he would tweak the final outcome to my liking. After he finished the banner: http://i.imgur.com/mqiknln.png I asked him to adjust something with the villain in the background. I also paid him in full (13M 07). He still hasn't tweaked it although he worked for a few hours monday before receiving any payment. Ever since I've paid the user, he's been stalling me. Also something alarming I found this morning was that he's banned on p****bot. Link to profile there: https://www.p****bot.org/community/profile/1697765-influx_/

Also when I ordered we agreed 13m would cover the cost of the youtube banner & an avatar for 

That is where I initially found his service, and confirmed he is on osbot too. 


Evidence: Here's proof of payment. 


proof I accepted: http://i.imgur.com/CVn9lU6.png


All I ask is he just finished the damn order or refund me or something. It's ridiculous how after I paid he started to stall and has really shown 0% progress towards actually making me happy with the end-product (As he said on Skype.)


Can show Skype logs if needed. Just ask me

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Wow mate, calm down lol. Its hard to get intouch with you when your in a different time zone and i've been very busy with other peoples orders and bigger jobs. Im in shock to see this. ( I got banned on p****bot because I had forgotten i had another account )


Nothing to worry about.

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