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Need a Quester [Well paid]


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Questing Job


I currently have a slot open for a quester, I am a quester who receives plenty of orders per day, some of which I have to deny because I'm so overloaded at a time. 


I'm currently looking for a quester who has the ability to complete quests in a timely manner. I usually get orders of 70-176 QP, these orders have to be completed in a maximum of 5 days. This gives you an idea of what you're working with, if you cannot stick to that then I'm sorry for being blunt, I won't accept you.


Please notice, if you're serious I'll like you more than if your a playful and a person who messes around, I don't have time to babysit others, I supply work and get paid, btw I do have a laugh every now and then.


EDIT: I don't need a Service thread to get orders, I probably receive more orders than some of the current service providers on Osbot.


Brief description of the job:


User will always have work, there is never a time when you don't have work. Questing orders must always have ETA's if they're not met, you'll be risking your position working for me.




1. Deposit 25-50M

2. Previous questin experience

3. Ability to speak conversational English

4. No previous disputes (if so, ill have to review)




1. Deposit will be refunded when you decide to leave, if you're in a middle of a order, you will finish that and then you will leave. No order must be left undone. Excluding being kicked out, disappearing, raised dispute.


2. I have the right to request Screenshot at anytime, you MUST take a screenshot after ever Quest!


3. No Quest bots are used during my orders


4. Communicate during the order, keep me informed about progress.


5. 15% of the order will be reduced, You will receive 85%. (Prices are often higher than normal.)


6. You will keep me updated about your whereabouts, or when you're not available. 



Application form: 


What other commitments do you have?:




Do you have an the upper cash of 50M?:


Do you agree with ToS:













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Best of luck!

I do however think folks would be put off by your lack of feedback/ recent join date; that isn't to say I wouldn't trust you. Just the general perception of things work here.

BUT! Best of luck!


Good to see you're man enough to comment, seen some individuals who took their childish behavior to the Chatbox about this post.


The deposit is high for a reason, I'll justify it below:


  • 1. I guarantee there's a job waiting at All time, no one can really offer that.
  • 2. I'm not looking for 10M so the person I hire scam quitters, when working for me its Trust.
  • 3. The deposit is used and kept storage solely to protect customers if anything were to go wrong.


In regards to my join date, I'm averaging 1 feedback a day, I'll be investing in Osbot's Lifetime Sponsor in a few days. I'll start blowing up before you realize it :P

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