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Selling 1.5m/h gold farming method w/accounts


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done with 2 accounts simultaneously, has a very low ban rate due to accounts hopping a lot, ussualy run them 24/7 with a ban happening once every fortnight (which all resulted in 2 day bans after I started used proxies)

very unique method that requires an hour and a half of your time every 30 hours to maintain (main reason I'm selling it, no time between work and uni)

comes with accounts for this method, can only have two running at a time due to the availability of the resource it farms

this method is the brainchild that got me out of debt while I was applying for work 

will start bidding off at 80m (just over 2 days of botting)

a/w 120m (3 and a half days of botting)

Only the single buyer will know of this method

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