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Who wanna watch EZBeef Smocks weed 4 first tyme


Who wanna watched ezbeef smock weed 4 first time  

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  1. 1. Do u wanna watch him smocks weed 4 da first tym

    • Yes
    • No

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Da tittle sez it all, im redi n my body is redy n i have just bought a glass bongs and weeds for first time today for $100 for bong and $30 for 1 gram of kush xD he said he gaved me discount...


If thear are enujf votes for yes then i wills record it n send it to u guys so u can watch me get super high 

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hohoo laugh is alot good very nice friend 

Buckle juckle feet 420 blaze it budda


Hear is my tattorial on how to watch sick HD boxing, first u play da first video (its da firest step), n den tha second step is simple, u play da second video... on MUTE THOGH!!! N THEN WATCH THA MAYHEM HAPPEN.. IT WAS LIKE A MAYHATMA THE PKER U KNO HIM N HE WAS THE 2ND most Hommus Pker in tha entire of runncape n this video is more intanse dan dat



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