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  1. Why pretend to be someone you are not..

  2. Nothing gets you back into writing scripts like attempting to level a f2p runecrafter on water tiaras. Did about 8 levels before i decided i would rather jump out of a moving car than continue doing it manually.
  3. Anne frank had a signature back then? She was way ahead of her time.
  4. classic night lovell with movie length intros lmao (still great).
  5. Haha ikr.. Apparently its to prepare the students for the work force. Its legit 9am to 5pm on monday to friday. Thanks for all the responses guys, i'll be looking into upwork and i'll think about the powerleveling thing.
  6. Yeah student, i'm gonna be studying 9-5 5 days a week for 3 years.
  7. Hey guys, anyone know of some one who is in need of workers and doesn't require the person to be on-site? I'm shortly moving down to a large city in my country to do a degree in software engineering and i'm gonna be getting just barely enough to live on from my government, so i'm looking to do some online work to help support myself. Thanks to anyone who can provide useful information.
  8. hey how do u tell the script to do a sepcific case at the start?

  9. Yeah it's getting stuck on your grand exchange code in your withdraw case. Perhaps if you move your grand exchange code into another case you can better determine which code is causing the issue.
  10. In the code you've posted it still shows 'Grimy harralander' rather than 'Grimy Harralander' private void doBanking() throws InterruptedException { if(!bank.isOpen()){ Status = "Banking: Opening Bank."; NPC banker = npcs.closest("Banker"); if(banker != null) { if (banker.isOnScreen()) { Status = "Banking: Interacting Banker."; banker.interact("Bank"); sleep(random(900, 1200)); } } } else { Status = "Banking: Depositing."; if (!inventory.isEmpty()) { bank.depositAll(); } else { //Contains grimy if (bank.contains("Grimy harralander")) { if (getBank().getWithdrawMode().equals(BankMode.WITHDRAW_NOTE)) { getBank().enableMode(BankMode.WITHDRAW_ITEM); bank.withdraw("Grimy harralander", 28); } else { bank.withdraw("Grimy harralander", 28); } bank.close(); } //Doesn't contain grimy avantoes else if (!bank.contains("Grimy harralander")) { //Contains clean avantoes if (bank.contains("Harralander")) { //Withdraw 100 if (!getBank().getWithdrawMode().equals(BankMode.WITHDRAW_NOTE)) { getBank().enableMode(BankMode.WITHDRAW_NOTE); bank.withdraw("Harralander", 224); bank.withdraw("Coins", 30000); bank.close(); } //new GrandExchange instance with our script } } } sleep(random(250, 450)); } } I believe this code is causing your issue, you've written it so the withdrawing code only executes if the bank is already open. If the bank is not already open, it will open the bank and then continue on with the code in your withdraw state. Remove the else from this and it should work as intended?
  11. Edited as i misread the post. ~ AFAIK It is possible to switch which script you're running on a OSBot client through the API. However it's not possible to start another OSBot client from within a osbot script (I tried this in the past. It's against the rules). A way you could accomplish this would be to write a socket that executes scripts and closes scripts depending on messages it receives from the client. This would require a reasonable bit of coding prowess and creativity, but as you've stated that you're not new to coding perhaps this idea might be relevant to you. Edit 12637883533: Creating a script manager that used modular coding would be fucking awesome though.
  12. Heres a good tutorial series i used to get started. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0EZQ169YGlor5rzeJEYYPE3tGYT2zGT2 And heres my shit tier base so far. Not particularly well planned.. just learning how to get shit going.
  13. This game is fun. Its a RTS game where you code the AI of your creeps yourself. http://store.steampowered.com/app/464350.
  14. How do u make taco not fall down?

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