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"Login amounts exceeded"


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Sometimes when running a script, it will randomly close, I will try to log back in but I will get an error from runescape saying too many logins.


I have just thought now, could this possibly be me logging in manually? I did it this time and it happened, but this error doesn't seem to happen all the time.



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I'm not doing this - I'm running a script, and randomly it will log me out. When I try to log back in, I get this error message.


It's like OSBot is trying to log me in several times WHILST i'm in the game, which makes no sense whatsoever.


Could someone potentially be trying to log in to my account whilst I'm playing? I have no viruses on my computer... Made the account fresh the other day. If I did have a virus, I imagine someone would go after more important information than a runescape accouNT LOL

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