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Interacting with items

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Do you mean something like this ?

//here is a method if you dont know the item name
public void inventory() throws InterruptedException {
		Item inv = getInventory().getItem(item -> item.hasAction("Action"));

   //here is other method to get it working by item name if you have the name

           public void inventory() {
                Item l = getInventory().getItem("Lobster");

inLoop add this:

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Hello, I was wondering if it was possible to use/open all items of one type in inventory, as efficiently as possible (relative to game ticks)



Write a method which populates a list of events, and then use a range-based for loop to execute them.


For whatever reason (possibly a limitation of Java, the client, or my slow computer), trying to execute multiple within a ~25ms time-frame will cause bad things to happen. 

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