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Has anyone written a script for using a MULE account? By MULE account I mean an account that is absolutely dedicated to trading with such mule account so as the Resource collecting bot does not have to travel all the way to the nearest bank?

Here's an example of my question:   You are botting at Karamja, fishing your life away on swordfish....you have filled your inventory so script walks you to mule, the mule would be located somewhere on KARAMJA so as to keep the fisher on the island for increased productivity.
I understand that somehow there would have to be an implementation of "trading" over "Banking" in the resource scripts, but if trading to a MULE was an option, more scripts would add this feature. The mule account could possibly teleport to fally and walk back, or you could run 2 or three mules to assure they are keeping up with the resource collector.


I feel this would be a valuable tool for gold miners and resource collectors as a whole, and feelt his should be implemented in many bots if it hasn't been already.


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would be tricky cordinating between two accounts, especially when you have more than one trading at once, neat idea tho. Would need to be 'sister scipts' that are taylored to eachother 


taylored emote32342.pngemote32342.pngemote32342.png



Would be a great idea, but at the same time, oddly suspicious? higher report chance if you're trading to the same runner on a regular basis instead of banking like most people would do themselves?

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