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Duel arena glitch

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How To Do --

  • So you have 2 accounts 1 is say 99/99/99/99 and the other is 70/70/70/70 well you have the 70/70/70/70 one on eoc you use two bonds and double name change it (DONT LOGOUT) then you change your name and 07 on the 99/99/99/99 account to what the 70/70/70/70 accounts name used to be and the maxed account will have the stats of the lower account for 10 minutes before the delay in the rs3 and 07 servers update so for 10 minutes u can stake people and on highscores/osbuddy it will tell them that you are 70/70/70/70 when in reality you are maxed so they have no chance to win .


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although if your staking a level 120 and thinking he's 70/70/70 you deserve to lose your money.


and im not stupid, i see how this can be used effectively, im just saying your example is quite extreme :P


you'd be better doing it on a pure with say 80 range and knifing, and switching to an account that is 70 range 40 def etc

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yea it's not fixed yet. just checked reddit


Mod Kieren: 

This is being investigated. In terms of duel arena, Mod Maz is looking at offering a developer blog and some changes soon to try and put a nail in the coffin of scams that happen at the arena. Displaying stats on the screen I am sure can also come into this (the long old suggestion of displaying inventory too).



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