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Do I need a proxy?

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I'm currently using work wifi long term, and RS is blocked. I can play the game from a ready loaded client, but if client needs updated I'm screwed.

I see on the osbot client there's a section for proxy details, now I don't know that much about this stuff but if I buy a proxy and put details into client login, I should manage to load up that way?


Also, if I was to do this, how would I get the proxy running through my normal internet pages or other clients, or could I only play through the osbot client?



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If you want to use HTTP proxy for web browsing, you can change your LAN settings. You can also use maxthon web browser which I highly recommend.


ahhh this sounds more complicated than I wanted it to be, so are there different kind of proxies I could buy..? or it's just different ways of using them?


I see a couple people selling on here, would the easiest way be to just buy one here for a month and put the details into osbot client?

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Correct. For OSBot you need to use SOCKS5 proxies. I also sent you a message wink.png


Okay so I bought a few proxies, which number goes where on the client? I put one of the IPs in the top left box and the socks5 # in the top right box. Is there anything else I need to input to the lower boxes or is that everything I should need?


If what I've done is right, I'm screwed, cause it didn't work pi0v7CC.gif


I tried to put the HTTP into my settings too, but the guide I found on google said to go to 'network' via windows+c keys and into settings from there (windows 8) but for some reason my laptop didn't have that, so I tried HTTP AND socks5 by just searching 'proxy' in my control panel, and from there I still couldn't load up osbot/buddy or original OSRS client.


is there possibly a box I'm missing a tick from etc or has my company just managed to block proxy use altogether? (I didn't think it was possible, but they seem to have blocked me connecting to VPNs too so I could be wrong)


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