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Lvl 3 to 40 att 70 str 70 range 1 def 1 pray

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Looking for prices for the above


Full Order:


Tutorial Island

Waterfall Quest

Fight Arena

Tee Gnome Village

Death Plateau ------------ at this point 40 att 30 str


30 to 70 str

1 to 70 range


If you're not trusted, you'll be expected to pay for the bond and gear on the account, which you'll be refunded for at the end of the service.


You may bot this service, however if you choose to do so, the account must sit for 5 working days after before payment is made, if payment IS made, you'll not be paid - tl;dr you can bot at your own risk (you lose your bond/gear if banned).


Need up to 6 of these being made (depending on prices)


I'll only pay for 1 bond per account after the service is completed (e.g. you must complete within 14 days)

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