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  1. It can be yeah but i think deliverys alot but dont quote me on that , noted offer
  2. Havent actually got it yet but i have it on hand for a csgo knife whenever ive a buyer for it. The guy will be buying it off amazon emailing me it, from there i can give you it we'll be able to use a trusted mm to verify the code works. Leave offers for it, if its good enough ill accept this guys offer for the giftcard and sell you it.
  3. Add me, if pp works ill take it but sometimes ppl cant send to my cousin
  4. If you can buy g2a giftcards for paypal for me add me
  5. Still looking, ill be contacting people with decent prices after work tomorrow Hand or botted? and 13m each or 13m for both
  6. yes and thats a reasonable price, hand or botted?
  7. Noted was expecting cheaper though if being botted. I could pretty much just do it myself just im to lazy to set shit up ;p
  8. Looking for quotes on - 40 attack 60 str 60 ranged Must be kept 1 def, 1 pray and 1 mage Can be quested and cannonballed I'll reimburse at end if your botting, if doing by hand ill supply first. If your not trusted you'll have to supply your own things and i'll reimburse at the end. I'm looking for 2 of these accounts Comment below a price each or i'll ignore skype messages/pms
  9. Anyone know good places to learn about responsive websites or tutorials on it? Just started learning it in college and want a head start;p
  10. Skype he added me on - http://prntscr.com/dv128p sythe is banned for scamming here - https://www.sythe.org/threads/live-renkey1-scammer/ got no proof that skype links to his sythe but when i asked him to pm me (which he didnt end up doing) he was a latest visitor on my profile minutes after http://prntscr.com/dv12s3 pretty much confirms it;p
  11. Selling 115m 07 $1.07/m PP/BTC/UKBT
  12. $200 ish to spend show me what you got paying 60-70%
  13. Paying 1.03/m pp/btc/ukbt pm me
  14. chris yolo


    15m for 1?
  15. chris yolo


    15m for acc 1
  16. Paying UKBT/BTC/paypal $1.02/m
  17. buying 07 for bitcoins willing to buy 100m+ $1.02-1.05/m
  18. Gain more trust and I'll be interested, I need an account from someone i can trust not to recover as alot of gold will be put on it
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