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    Can i get a trail please want to make sure it runs smoothly before purchasing it.
  2. Hi! can i get a trail please want to make it runs smoothly before buying thanks
  3. Can i get a trail please want to test it out before buying thanks
  4. Hey possible if i could get a trail please! bought few scripts b4
  5. Trail please if possible
  6. Hey! got 3 pieces of the angler's outfit under 4 hours not only that i even got the fishing pet! at lvl 40 im so fucking happy. I've got one minor issue with the script. So when i got the pet, the bot was spamming the plank, which you can't enter the boat if you have a pet out, luckily i was babysitting the bot if i wasn't would be probably be hit by the ban hammer but apart from that its very verygood script. Hopefully you can fix it
  7. Hey Khal! can ya hook me up with a trail please? bought 4 of scripts thinking of buying this one too
  8. Can i get a trail please, bought few of your scripts before
  9. Can i get a trail please i purchased some of your scripts before. Need to see if it works smoothly
  10. Would like a trail please i bought 3 of scripts in the past want to see how good this script is
  11. Can I have a trail please, I've tried out czar's script but i havent tried yours cant decide which one to buy
  12. Can i please get a trail please recently bought Perfect fighter but it bugs out on Sand Crabs want to see how this one works out thanks
  13. Every time i start the bot, it freezes and crashes what is going on...
  14. Rock Crabs have the same issue as well i believe when i go in releka says path not found
  15. having troubles with sand crabs says restart use the plugins how do i resolve this? i dont see it
  16. going to start up a second main account
  17. Hi I'm only planning to bot 1 account extremely safely + i would be babysitting my bot. Planning to bot around 3-4 hours a day. Are ban rates lower with mirror or is the same?
  18. Can i get a trail please bought 2 of your scripts in the past most likely to buy if i like it ta
  19. 62-90 smithing in 2 days looking good!
  20. Can i contact any mods or does it have to be specific?
  21. How long does it take for them to process a refund on a script been waiting a day?
  22. Hi The script was working perfectly until today the script "Khal's BlastFurnace" doesn't work on mirror mode my character gets stuck on top of the belt it works fineon stealth/injection but i'm not risking my account on injection mode. Please can you fix https://postimg.org/image/b7beoosh5/
  23. Ban rates are higher on stealth/injection right? Not sure if i should bot on that mode
  24. Yupe it works with injection/stealth however it doesn't work with mirror do you know when it will be fixed?
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