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  1. Can i use my old account and play with free trial? or i need make new...???
  2. Probemas best one ! @Admins didn listen him and thats why my bank is now -25m ^^ Thanks Ashop Or i cant really blame no one what happened to me but
  3. Become a Steel poster :P = 100 post ?
  4. Ashop scammed my bank,,, gg 15-25m soo gimme moeny for past valentines day xD And this wont make me feel better http://osbot.org/forum/topic/38207-dispute-against-ashop/
  5. Idgaf now u can make money with it, deal with it !
  6. Can u stop spamming all topics? Prices are almost same like 2 months? then whats the problem?
  7. hiqpo

    Cant go chat...

    seriously good humor for mods
  8. hiqpo

    Cant go chat...

    It is perm ban? i goed to caht another acc and asked to cinnamon it is perm ban she kicked me out of chat? what is this moderation... I just joked last night, i said i ddossed osbot and thats why osbot was offline...
  9. i will try it thanks ! I sold my 25k Cballs like 10mins?
  10. Buy steel bars 750-790ea Make them to Cannon balls and sell Cannon balls 250ea -----> Make money 210-250gp one steel bar. You need one quest to make c balls and 35+ smithing. http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Cannonball You can bot them 1500-2000 Cannon balls/hour FREE SCRIPT ! http://osbot.org/forum/topic/31048-icreateballs-cannonball-maker-al-kharid/
  11. hiqpo

    Cant go chat...

    I dont know why but i get error when try go to osbot chat?
  12. hiqpo

    rare hunting tips

    hope so it helped all on the time i lost 40m cause afked few months with rares and prices geod lower and lower ;_; Thanks
  13. hiqpo

    Mask Locations!

    a lot of mistakes
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