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  1. I tried on both mirror mode and without, and it happened both times. I did read the whole post, yes. It would literally do everything flawlessly except after resetting at Clan Wars it would sit in house and do nothing until I clicked on the portal from inside house and it would continue on. Doors were open and all other directions in the 'features' section was followed. I don't recall exactly what the logger was saying but it was a generic line something like "Leaving clan wars" or something but a little longer.
  2. Absolutely no hate on the scripter or anything, but I should have listened to the guy a few posts up. It worked fairly well other than a slight bug when at the POH and no matter the settings I couldn't get it to work correctly unless I manually left the house and it would continue on as it should. (Tried different settings on the script as well as having it tele inside and outside house both). I Botted for maybe a total of 2.5 hrs or so over a full day in 30-45 min runs with a manual afk at bank between trips for 1-2 mins on most trips. I got a temp ban(thankfully) after the first day of using it, the account had not botted anything else in over 5 years and had no prior bans. Use with caution, either vorkath is heavily watched or the script has flaws that were easily caught by their systems and not the human eye. TLDR: Script ran fine other than one slight hiccup I couldn't solve. Temp ban within 24 hours of using it on a clean account that was 100% watched while running, would not spend my $25 here again.
  3. What do you need? : biohazard, underground pass, regicide on two accountsGoing first or middleman? : Going first.What's your Skype/Discord ID? : live:brandenbruce
  4. I'd be interested if you still have it
  5. brandenbruce

    Stealth Quester

    So far love the script. Few suggestions would be adding stamina pot support and ability to choose the food you want to use.
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