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  1. Ive used Frep for RuneScape mobile and it works pretty good. Used it for atleast 3-4 months. Even a simple repeat doesnt seem to get detected(did it for a month) but i made longer ones by making 2 sets i switch between that are 6 hours each with different wait times & slightly changed the cordinate click spots manually. Nox got my alt banned but so far so good with Frep. Over time can have lag issues from prolonged use since Frep uses up quite a bit of processor. (Just make sure to turn off all shown wait times to reduce it more.) Also dont make files with more than 200 things in it. Otherwise u need to make it A procedure or itll start bugging/losing stuff. But there is a trick: you can add multiple procedures to one file/program to fix this to allow using super long bots. I used it for running 70 accounts on mobile games with appcloner.app before. Appcloner Doesnt support all games though.
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